Your Guide To The Best Lighting For Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor herb garden lights

The Best Indoor Herb Garden Lights Building a herb garden in your kitchen can be an exciting experience. But, there is a lot more planning that goes into it than what meets the eye. The plants need favorable conditions to grow and thrive, the most important condition being light. The indoor environment may not meet … Read more

What Are The Best Smelling Herbs You Can Grow Indoors?

Indoor herbs

Best Smelling Herbs to Grow Indoors Our World is changing! Now more than ever, we need to think about ways to grow more and more of our own food including herbs! Having a fresh supply of your favorite herbs is every food lover’s dream. Herbs are super easy to grow, we know that, and do … Read more

How Does the Aerogarden Work?

How aerogarden works

Aerogarden how does it work? Let’s break it down. There has been a huge shift towards sustainability in many activities with home gardening becoming popular in different parts of the world. But, with the inadequacy of space to practice traditional gardening, innovations such as aerogardens have emerged. An Aerogarden is a self-sufficient indoor garden with … Read more

What Are The Best Things To Grow in Aerogarden?

Things to grow in Aerogarden

What can we actually grow in an Aerogarden? Over time, garnering systems have evolved and advanced to more practical and self-sustaining methods applicable in various ways. One such innovation is Aerogarden, an indoor gardening system that uses neither sunlight nor soil. Aero-gardening allows you to grow plants in regulated conditions enabling them to grow and … Read more

Is It True Grow Lights Are Bad for Your Eyes?

Grow lights and eyes

Grow Lights, Are They Bad For Your Eyes? Grow lights, as beneficial as they are, can cause harm to plants if not used correctly. You probably have kept in mind the hanging distance, hydration, and cooling to be sure your grow lights are helping your plants grow and develop. But, how about you? Have you … Read more

Top 8 Ways to Increase Humidity in A Grow Tent

Humidity in grow tent

What happens if your Grow Tent room is too hot? Nobody wants to end up with dead plants or a stinky grow tent room! That’s why keeping track of the humidity levels in your grow tent is essential to ensuring the right environment is at it’s best your special indoor plants. A drop in humidity … Read more

How to Propagate Peperomia

How to propagate Peperonia

So how do you Propagate Peperomia? While propagation may be something that is seen as relatively easy, a great deal of preparation and effort must go into this. For peperomia, it is best to propagate during the spring and/or summer. Unfortunately, all propagating is up to chance, but that does not mean you will not … Read more

When to Harvest Garlic

When to harvest garlic featured image

When it comes to garlic, specifically harvesting garlic, time will be your best friend. This specific plant is native to central Asia and northeastern Iran; it also belongs to a species of onion known as Allium. Besides, garlic is relative to other tasty plants such as shallots and chives. A key thing to know when … Read more

How to Sharpen Loppers for Best Use

How To Sharpen Loppers Image

So how do you sharpen loppers? Prepare your Loppers for Sharpening You should know that there are some preparations you need to do before you sharpen your lopper. Step 1 – Understand Your Tool The first thing you need to do to maintain your tools is to understand and learn more about them. To get … Read more

How to Make a Compost Bin

How to make a compost bin

What if there was a way you could help your family, be good to the earth and be good to nature? When you found this article about how to make a compost bin, you probably were just looking for a DIY, not ways to be a hero! And best of all it’s not expensive to … Read more